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Organisational Behaviour
Individual assignment

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Part 1: Organisational Misbehaviour
Organisational behaviour can be defined as the study of what people think, feel and do in and around organisations (Mcshane & Glinow, 2008). Thus, the antonym for Organisational behaviour would obviously be Organisational Misbehaviour which its easiest and simplest definition according to Ackroyd & Thompson (1999) is “Organisational misbehaviour is anything you do at work you are not supposed to do”; however, OM is a wide topic of investigation and the understanding of this subject depends on different aspects, theories and perspectives (Richard, 2008). Other researchers saw misbehaviour as something more linked to relations within an organisation, stating that OM is mainly based on interactions between people and that is relied on ethical issues in employer-employee relationship (Deckop, 2006). This essay will mainly explain and analyse the different types of misbehaviour that can be found in a particular case: The Enron & Arthur Andersen scandal, the “Why’s” and “How’s” these two companies fell into corruption and thus, misbehaviour.
Enron & Andersen Enron Corporation was an energy company founded in 1930 based in Houston, Texas. It never shined out until 1996, when the firm was considered as one of the most innovative organisation in the world (Debinski & Al). Enron started lying about its profits and liabilities, stating that their assets worth much more than it actually did and deleting all its debts with the help of Enron’s main auditor, Andersen. This eventually led to a significant increase on the company shares of 336% to a peak of $90 per share dropping to $0.67 (Cunningham, 2006), resulting in many investors and employees losing all their life savings valorised in $11 billion...

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