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“The impact of Jejemon language to the academic subjects of grade 7 students in Diosdado Macapagal National High School”
a. Background of the Study Nowadays, youth, especially students are fond of using cyber gadgets. In fact, they find it more interesting than reading their books for they can express their feelings in a unique and fun way. They can formulate their own language. They can mix words using letters and numbers, punctuation marks and many more without violating any rules. People who use those kinds of words are called “Jejemonsters”. There is a need for it to study because of the rampant usage of Jejemon Language even inside the classroom. This research focuses to the grade & students of Diosdado National High School regarding the impact of Jejemon Language to their academic subjects. The survey was conducted to a specific having 25 males and 25 females.
b. Statement of Purpose This research was conducted to enhance the minds o the youth, especially students about the negative effects of Jejemon in their studies as well as to make them realize that using these kind of language is not accepted in the academic papers. Jejemon language seemed to be a virus that spreads only in the four corners of the room but also in our society. Due to the rampant usage of this language, a lot of students seemed to forget the correct spelling of words. It subverts the English language to the point of incomprehensibility.
c. Significance of the study This study will be an instrument to awaken the student about the negative impact of Jejemon language to their academic studies and to alarm the next generation that using this kind of language is not accepted in the society.

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