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Erosion Modelling

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Erosion Modelling Soil erosion is a significant environmental process that degrades the soil in which we rely on for food, fuel, clean water, carbon storage, and as a substrate for buildings and infrastructure (Quinton 2011). It is the disruption of the soil mantle – the pedosphere, or the underlying rock base – the lithosphere by the action of matter of external geomorphic factors, such as water, snow, ice, air, weathered debris, organisms and man (Zachar 1982). Both abiotic and biotic forms of erosion forms patterns that are typical for a particular area such as climate, relief, nature of the surface, activity of the organism, and activity of man (Zachar 1982). It is the degradation or aggradations of the Earth’s surface by the movement of soil material by wind, rain, overland flow and gravity (ASSIGNMENT). Problems with Erosion The movement of sediment and associated pollutants over the landscape and into water bodies is of increasing concern with respect to pollution control and environmental protection. With the expected change in climate over the coming decades, there is a need to predict how environmental problems associated with sediment are likely to be affected so that appropriate management systems can be put in place (Morgan & Nearing). Erosion can impact the productivity of agricultural, post-mining and native systems and is a sign of land degradation (ASSIGNMENT). Soil erosion acts a mechanism for transferring pollutants to surface waters and reduces water availability for crops and increases flooding (Quinton 2011). Soil erosion is a great concern throughout the world as it majorly contributes to decreasing both soil fertility and land value, but it cannot be avoided, as it is part of all landscapes.
Natural geomorphic process – mechanisms involving water vary over time and space. Some of these mechanisms are raindrop splash,...

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