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Nowadays many people want to be an entrepreneur because many people think be an entrepreneur is be their own boss and can earn a lot of money. But it is not easy to be an entrepreneur, because entrepreneur must be creative, work together with the team or employee, positive reaction to failure and always try to take risk and so on. There have some lesson that we can learn to be an entrepreneur in the story of Leicester City crowed champion in Premier League. When we read the articles about Leicester City, we found that there are many lessons that we can learn from the story as an entrepreneur. The first lesson that we found in the story is the important of teamwork with teammate. “Leicester City crowned champions because the team has created and it is not just about one player” Ranieri, the manager of Leicester City. The member of Leicester City keep working together, they training together and discuss the weaknesses of the team to improve themselves. Therefore, as an entrepreneur we must work together with our teammate to achieve the goals that we set. Leader is lead his teammate to achieve the goals together not just ordering them. So teamwork will be the one of the key to success not only for Leicester City but also an entrepreneur. Based on the articles that we going through, there are some lessons we can learn from it to pertain on entrepreneurial behaviour. One of the lessons that we can learn is we should learn to have positive reaction while facing the failure. Leicester city were failed and barely escaped relegation at first but they chose to response to the failure and showed true grit and belief to achieve their magnificent turnaround. The ways of you respond to your failure is a key to becoming successful. If you bravely to turnaround your life after several failures, which means your entire dream can be achieve. Leicester had done this way and it works. As a entrepreneur, we should learn from Leicester that instead of facing failure negatively, we can find out the positives in it and make a reaction that believe in a turn around anything could be possible that turning failure into success. Become a successful entrepreneur, don’t be afraid of failure and run away, at least you have tried your best and react positively when facing failure. From the article, one of an important thing we can learn is never give up. As we can see in the article, one of an example proof that the Leicester City lose one or two goals during the match playing because there are a lot of better and better team in the league. But Leicester City will not give up, they keep fighting until the duration of the match finished and end up they won the game. This is the spirit that we or everyone should learn, when we face something bad we should not give up if the thing hasn’t come to the end. Same in the business world, an entrepreneur should not give up easily because there is a lot of chances would allow the problem become an opportunity. In this article, we can learn the another lesson which is we should trust your superior. This is because, in the Leicester City, their players are all of them are trust in their manager which is Claudio Ranieri. They trusted in Claudio Ranieri can lead them to win the championship in the league. Furthermore, Leicester City football players are following the instruction that the coach given, for example, training, follow the rules, information and so on. Thus, as an entrepreneur, employee should follow the superior instruction to achieve goal and get a well performance. Employee should follow and trust in the superior, example superior set the rule, give training and assign the person in a right position. Thus, a good superior is very important in an organization. Thus, as an entrepreneur should choose the superior carefully.

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