Escape Together with Keith Urban and Sugarland

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It’s a known fact by now.–I am not a country music fan. I may like a few country acts here and there, but that by no means, qualifies me as a country music fan.–However, despite this, I found myself at Keith Urban and Sugarland’s “Escape Together” tour last Friday night at HSBC Arena.

Sugarland began precisely at 7:30pm. With the dimming of the lights, the band walked out on-stage and removed umbrellas from a trunk and opened them as they lit up as Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush took the stage singing, “It’s Love”.

Together the duo delivered a passionate one-hour performance. Nettles’ southern blues vocals were soaring on the powerful ballads “Stay”, “Almost Gone” and the ever-so-moving and traditional “Genevieve”. Sugarland was especially entertaining during the sassy “It Happens” and the carefree, fun-driven “All I Want To Do”, that kept everybody dancing and singing along to the “ooo ooo ooo ooo ooos.”

Though there was never a dull moment, the crowd seemed to liven up the most during the hit “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”. Accompanied by a video on the back-drop, the song closed out with images from popular Buffalo hot-spots such as downtown Delaware and Elmwood Ave., the Anchor Bar, Chippewa Street, Shea’s, Jim’s Steakout, General Mills and of course, The Buffalo Bills. As the audience cheered, I was disappointed they included the New York Knicks and New York Yankees... and not the Buffalo Bisons or especially, the Buffalo Sabres! How could they possibly forget to include the Sabres when they were playing the venue where the team plays!

I have to say that my favorite part of their set was the multi-song medley that was performed during “Everyday America”. As the song hit the middle-mark, Nettles & Co. broke out into the chorus of Madonna’s “Holiday” and led straightaway to Nelly’s “Hot In Here”, a snippet of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” and…...