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If someone tried to define ESFJ personality traits in three words, it would probably be Harmony, Altruism and Warmth. ESFJs are always looking for opportunities to help other people, paying a lot of attention to others’ needs and desires. They work very well in a team and excel in completing their tasks timely and efficiently. ESFJ personalities take their commitments very seriously and seek structure, transparency and clear-cut roles. ESFJs also value personal touch and warmth more than most personality types. They will always try to help others, no matter if they are doing some routing tasks, or simply engaging in small talk. ESFJs are also very good at uniting people and helping them achieve a common goal.
ESFJs are THE extroverts. This personality type is the most communicative and most connected to the feelings of others. The key word for ESFJs, forming approximately 13 percent of the population, is harmony. People with this personality type gain energy by communicating with others and tend to romanticize people that they admire and respect. This personality trait is both strength and weakness, and ESFJs should keep it in control, especially in their relationships.
Being guardians (SJ), ESFJ personalities support and respect established power structures and institutions, such as academic, religious or local communities. It does not really matter what the ESFJ is involved in – they will always try to achieve harmony and stability, which form the core of their personality. ESFJs are excellent hosts, able to quickly memorise everyone’s name, even if the exchange only consisted of a couple of words – this personality trait is rare amongst other, especially less social types. It is quite easy to recognise ESFJs in a social event – they are curious and constantly engaged in conversations, making sure that everyone feels involved. This is one of the key ESFJ...

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