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Week 1 Discussion Question 1
Recently Sheltered English Instruction, also known as Structured English Immersion (SEI), has replaced bilingual education in a few states. Arizona is one of those states. Looking at the SEI model and bilingual education model, compare and contrast these two methods, citing advantages and disadvantages of each. As a future educator, which model would you prefer to see implemented?
Looking at the SEI model and bilingual education model both use strategies to facilitate language development which include using only one language for a given lesson, not focusing on correcting a student’s language but being more concerned with a student’s understanding of the content, the use of visual aids or supplements to support verbal information, as well as positive encouragement. However, there are significant differences between the SEI model and the bilingual education model specifically regarding the language of which the content is taught. The SEI model teaches the content in English by tailoring the level of English used to meet the needs of the students whereas in the bilingual education model the content is taught in the student’s primary language until the student has learned English. Additionally, with the use of the bilingual education model there is a shared common goal for the entire school to be bilingual proficient; for example English and another language for all students whereas the SEI model focuses on English proficiency for all students only.
As a future educator, I would have to say that I think the SEI model is a very effective approach and would feel more comfortable with implementing that learning model in my classroom especially since I have only ever observed the SEI model being implemented inside a classroom.
Lau v. Nichols

One landmark case regarding ELLs is the Lau v. Nichols case (1974). According to the law, it…...

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