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Gary Riley Riley 1
Savannah Sipple
ENG 101
26 November 2015


Whenever someone asks us who we are, our first natural response is going to be to tell them our name. Then, if they do not know you, your next response would usually be to begin naming some of your relatives in hopes that they might know some of them, which then might give one a better understanding of who you are. The next question is usually, "Where are you from? Followed by yet another popular question, which is, "What do you work at?" These are the main questions that we as a society base someone's identity on. Take me for an example: My name is Gary Lee Riley, I am from a small county in Southeastern Kentucky, and I am a part time farmer while also a full time on-line student. However, if one were to ask you who you really are, this can promote some deep thought into what really shapes us into the person who looks back at us when we look into a mirror. Beginning at birth, we start learning how to be a human being, and our surroundings is our teacher. We learn to walk and talk and pretty much everything else by watching others, such as parents and siblings, yet we learn to do it "our way," because everyone is unique and "puts their own spin on things," so to speak. If one were to assume that identity is what we are born with, they would be right, but only to a certain degree. Yes, we are identified by the names which were given to us at birth, and we are, of course, the sex and ethnicity that we were born with, but these things are far from being all that defines us. As the text explains, gender identity is a very good example to support this notion. Concerning this, the author says, "Although it is true in

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