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Worldview Essay Everyone has a world view, whether they realize it or not. To most, it isn’t given much thought, but to a large degree it guides their lives. To that effect, I would assume that it should be viewed as being very important. Especially since it is to a large degree what guides a person’s life. With life being as precious as it is, I would also take the liberty of assuming that everyone should identify and reexamine their world views. I am no different than anyone else in this aspect of having a world view. I too have one, and it does guide and sets parameters for my life. Therefore I think it is pertinent for me to make sure that I have the correct worldview. I am of the belief that God should be the single factor that forms people’s worldview. This is based upon various aspects that are critical to a person’s worldview. The natural world was created by God, who is the single factor in our world’s existence, since it was brought forth by God, as communicated by the opening line of the bible, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). God begins a series of commands by which the natural world comes into existence. God commands the light, firmament, waters, dry land, sun, moon , and stars (Genesis 1:3-19). It is obvious to me that while looking at the natural world, one would think of not just random chance, but intelligent design in the same way that when I look at my watch, I don’t think of random chance in its development, but intelligent design. Our entire natural world has a cause of existence and that cause is God! The bible speaks authoritatively about how creation makes known the revelation of its creator (Psalm 19:1-6). This revelation of the creation of our natural world has served to shape my worldview. It has brought me to the realization that I am not the creator, the first cause and ultimately all creation is subject to its creator, from which there is no escaping. It leaves me asking the question who is this creator and is there a way to know Him? Seeing the immense order and purpose of every part of the natural world, as opposed to disorder and indifference it demands that I reject the teachings of my public schooling of evolution and began to rethink what I thought I knew. Human identity is formed and ultimately completed by God. The bible states unequivocally that not only did God create humanity, but He also gave humanity its identity, when He said “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). God establishes human identity and roots it in His identity. This identity is often expressed as God’s attributes. Certainly there is an understanding that not all of God’s attributes are resident in humanity such as complete holiness, infiniteness and omnipotence, (1 Peter 1:16, Isaiah 40:28 and Isaiah 46:10) just to name a few. However God’s communicable attributes, are resident in humanity such as knowledge, love, and speech (1 John 3:20, 1 John 4:8, and Genesis 1:3). In understanding this, it certainly is cause for pause where evolution is concerned. As I consider the communicable attributes of God, it leads me to identify how many of them I possess and further how I choose to use those attributes. I shudder to think that since God made me in His image and likeness, thus giving me identity, that I might not be manifesting those attributes as He does such as love. I love people, but I am certain that my love falls beneath the unconditional love that God exhibits. This causes me to desire to exhibit those communicable attributes in a manner that is consistent with God and if every person did that, I believe that our world would be a more desirable place. Human relationships from my perspective can sometime seem to be a blessing and then at other times a curse. These relationships weren’t always such a tossup. In the beginning of human relationships, the bible says that God “made woman from man and gave her to Adam to be his wife” (Genesis 2:21-24). Human relationships originated with God. God establishes the spousal relationship, parental relationship, kinship relationship and the familial relationship. These relationships exist because of God and I can’t help but to wonder what God intended for these relationships. In my own family there are tense times and even amongst friends there is not always continuity. How are these relationships, suppose to work and who do we turn to, to find out? Our society seems to be plagued with less than ideal relationships on every level. This is a sad state of affairs being that relationships as a whole are the fabric of our society. I think that people should ultimately look to God, the originator of human relationships for guidance; after all the creator should know how to fix what’s broken with His creation. God is the initiator of civilization. As the bible states, Noah’s three sons and their wives repopulated the earth after the deluge (Genesis 9:18-19). My understanding is that all civilizations find their origins in one of these three sons. The bible is clear that it was God’s idea to have them to repopulate the earth. Each son gives birth to descendants that ultimately form various civilizations from that time until now. All civilizations are different in their forms of communications, natural environment, political make up, ideologies, etc. But what they all have in common is that they all are derived from the God of the bible. What I find interesting is that not all civilizations recognize the same God. I believe that God originated civilizations, and that He chose which ones people would reside (Acts 17:26). Unfortunately there is division amongst the civilizations of our day, despite the fact that the bible says that they all originated from Him. I believe that if all people could come to the realization that their civilization originated from the God of the bible, it would be a lot easier to work together to make all civilizations better than they are presently. In conclusion, these four aspects are what have had a great impact on my worldview. When taking a critical look at the natural world, human identity, human relationships and civilizations in context of God being the cause of each, it is hard not to embrace the idea that God should be the single factor that forms people’s worldview. However I do believe that implementation of this in our modern world would be highly debated and resisted just as it is today.

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