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Final Essay #2

Final Essay #2 This song is about a little boy and girl who became best friends at a very young age and fell in love. The girl moved into the big and blue two-story house across the street from the little boy and his family. It was just her mom and she, a rather small family but they were very close. The little boy lived in a smaller house with a younger brother, a mom, and a dad. He had a tree house in his backyard that had been built by his dad and a pool, very convenient for the kids in the summer time. When the little girl moved in it was right before school started for the kids in August and that is when they first met. She was 7 and he was 9 years old. The boy was out in the yard playing football with the other boys in the neighborhood, he saw the little girl sitting on the back of her moms’ red Ford truck. He walks over to her and asks if she wanted to join their game and she agrees. Every day after that it was like that. The boy would walk over to her house and ask her to come outside and play and she would without hesitating. After that they spent all their free time together, every summer, spring break, and weekends just him and her, together. They were always doing something active and he would make dinner for her at least two or three times a week because her family was poor; so he wanted to take care of her. The moms and dads would joke and say they would grow up, fall in love, and be a couple someday. But as kids they were just best friends but with a secret that they really did like each other. Then they start to grow up and he sees that she’s not a little girl anymore. She’s starting to look older and even more beautiful and he changes as well, becoming more and more handsome in her eyes. The boy takes a chance and decides they should be together finally. So he starts taking her…...

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