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This paper examined how gaming can be addicted and how it can cause a lot of problems to us.

According to the latest census carried out by a group of specialized international organizations to study the risks arising from the high demand for gaming and radioactive equipment to 175 thousand a medical condition caused by addiction to these games and 285 thousand children and 165 thousand adults were failure to consider the result of video games through the computer screen (Staff, 2000).

So this study shows that game addiction is an important problem that face people in the world and especially in UAE.

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Games addiction, Internet gaming, computer gaming, PlayStation gamin, video games, gaming, addiction.

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All people who use technology can be sensitive to game addiction, but its prevalence in male adolescents is more common. Separately, computer games are the most popular way of entertainment among 12-25 year old males (Small GW, Vorgan G,2008).


This research, including two types of methods in it and they are qualitative and quantitative. I will interview two men, one of them is a gamer addicted and one of them has a 16 years child that is gaming addicts. Also, I will distribute 50 surveys. I will do two types of surveys, one of them for parents and one for a teenager. I have chosen to distribute the parents’ surveys in malls like Mirdif city center and Dubai Mall. However, the other survey I will distribute it in the HCT.


In conclusion, it is clear that games addiction is an important problem that face people from long time and increased with the new technology. So we all should limit the time our child’s spend on a computer, try spending more time with your children, like play with them outdoors. So any child can be addicted to video games, but we can reduce these chances if there are atmosphere of comfort and trust in the family, all children were able to establish good relations with others, or even focusing on your children, hobbies and

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