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I gently closed my door while saying goodnight to my parents and sister. As exhausted as I was after a gruesome time at practice it was time for me to go to bed. Within three minutes I had my pajamas on and was tucked in bed. After what seemed like 15 minutes, I finally dozed off into a deep sleep.
About every two week we traveled from North Carolina to South Carolina to visit and take care of my grandmother. My grandma is about 70 years old now and is practically unable to care for herself like she used to, so all six of her children took turns to help take care of her. At this point of time my sister and I were not in school so it was very convenient when it was my mom’s turn to take care of her mom. Finally, after a long three hour drive in a car we arrived at my grandma’s house. My mom, sister, and I hopped out of the car, grabbed our suitcases, and walked inside to see my grandmother on her recliner watching our favorite show, WWE. This was something my grandma and I had always bonded over. So after I sat my suitcase in the room, I went to the living room where she was sitting to watch television with her. Eventually, day started to turn into night so my sister and I helped my grandmother to bed because she was heavyset and sometimes refused to walk. My mom keeps telling her to walk because if she did not it was
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We begrudgingly get out of bed because my sister and I are not morning people at all. Once we got the strength to get up we went over to our grandmother’s room where she was lying peacefully in bed. Yet again it was difficult to get her out of bed because she was on the heavier side which can be difficult to manage. Once we washed her up and got her dressed we grabbed her walker so that she can walk to her recliner. By that time my mom was calling us for breakfast, so I grabbed my grandma’s plate and took it to her, then I sat down at the table to

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