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My Writing experience: The Good The Bad and The Ugly
I can recall a time when I had to write a paper for English Composition I. I was attending Ivy Tech Community College at that time. The professor asked the class to write a paper about our major, my major was Early Childhood Education. This experience I had at Ivy Tech was not my first when it came to writing a formal essay, but it was just as nerve wrecking as the first time. When I began writing formal essay papers, in high school, it was not easy for me. In the first part of this essay, I review my experience with writing in my childhood, then I will be talking about my terrifying writing experience in high school, and finally the years that have passed since I have not written any formal essays. In the second part of the paper, I describe my experience with Microsoft word, my experience with using MLA formatting style, and my experience using documentation in research papers.
In my childhood, I have been state to state and attended
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I ended up moving my senior year of high school. The school I attended that year was all about education. That was the first time I actually had to write a paper MLA style. Cameron, Nairn, and Higgins stated that, “Writing is a challenge for most writers, but for novices it is particularly challenging because they have limited experience of the writing process” (271). I know this to be true because I was so terrified. Writing a MLA style essay was so new to me. Through that experience I learned how to do a work cited page and properly write a formal essay, and trust me; it did not come easily to me.
Since high school, I have written a few more formal essays, my first year of college. It has been about six years since I have had to write a formal essay or any kind of essay at that. So now that I have to take English composition II, I am a little nervous yet excited at the same time to revisit what I have learned and refresh my formal essay writing

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