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What motivated you to apply for this position? Be specific. I want the Resident Advisor (RA) position because it’s related to my major, Interactive and Social Media. The job is very customer focused and connects to all different types of people. I want to be able to incorporate my communication skills and contribute positivity to my future peers as well as creating new friendships. The job would give me the opportunity to innovate new designs and benefits for everyone. I would be able to apply my craftsmanship and my artistic ideas. It would give me the chance to give back to the community and strengthen my career skills in the future.

University Center is home for people from diverse backgrounds, abilities, lifestyles, and cultures. Please write about a significant experience you have had with people different from you. How have you grown from this experience?
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My friends always come to me for advice, look up to me and tag along to the activities I do. Though I am an influential factor toward my friends, my biggest impact would be toward my thirteen year old sister, Ada. I always try my best to be the greatest sister for her. I help Ada with her homework and give her advice on the importance of education. Currently, I noticed she became more independent by working on her studies while using the resources and study tricks I taught her. As the “big” sister, I always set a good example by giving her life advice or doing generous acts. The role model I play impacted Ada, when I see her giving small gifts to friends or helping my mom with dishes. I can indicate that my sisters attitude has changed and so has my moms. My influence on my mother has changed when she found out that I volunteered and gave food to the homeless. After that, whenever my mom comes to visit, she always comes prepared with food for the homeless in the streets. Their roles have grown(along with mine) and have expanded the kindness to other

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