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Thailand is a country in South Asia with a population of 68.86 million. Some of this population is Hill Tribe, while others fall into groups of Thai people, Lisu people, Akha people, and Mon people. Over 90% of the population of Thailand is Hindu, alongside Hinduism and Chinese folk religion. The official language of Thailand is Thai or
Siamese, with little else in the country.

Thailand is a very culturally ambiguous country, some of the celebrations including Visakha Bucha and Asalha Buddha. Thailand is very heavy in traditions, their most common including an abundance of festivals praying for rain. There are however also obscure ones, such as the thought that pointing your feet the wrong way indicate rudeness or disrespect. One of
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It has a hot season from March to May, and it cools down around November to February with a rainy season from June to October. Some of the regions in Thailand include Central Thailand, Eastern Western and Southern Thailand, and lsan which is a region in Northeastern Thailand. Some of the indigenous plants in Thailand include multiple types of bamboo, banana plants, as well as other tropical fruit trees. The people of Thailand have in the past used elephants, Oxen and horses as plows for crops, which have since been replaced with motorized vehicles. Thailand crawls with insects such as beatles mosquitos and and ants, as well as reptiles to eat …show more content…
Until around 1950, Thailand was purely an agricultural country but then people decided to move to some of the more major cities in the 1960s. Until1939, Thailand was officially called Siam. Thailand was never brought under European colonization and was ruled by an absolute monarchy until a revolution in 1932. Since then, Thailand has held a constitutional monarchy, and all constitutions have been provided for a6"e)ected p liament' hich is when the parliament (The house of lords and the house of commonsnd the sovereign) dissolves and the house

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