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Live in Legacy, Live a Life!

A saying from Mary Anne Radmacher says “Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.” Many people want to achieve success in life, but it is easier said than done. There are so many distractions that it can be challenging to discipline one's self to accomplish a monumental goal. By keeping the faith and courage in yourself, you can dramatically increase your chances of becoming successful in whatever you choose to pursue. This is it! Courage! Courage is what Jesse Robredo takes for him to be successful. For trials and difficulties he encountered, he tried to do his best, and he did not give up even if a failure hinders him along the way to success. He provides the most appropriate model for every one of us to impersonate; but, is it only Jesse that can do such a thing? Is it only him who can leave a legacy and make a difference to everyone’s life?

Jesse Robredo lived in a very simple way. Stories abound of how Jesse was so unassuming, dressed always modestly, lived in an ordinary house, had simple taste in food, and were always comfortable. The disability of his father did not affect Jesse’s way of living, but it gives him more courage to do his best for his family. Although not given all he wanted in life, he was raised and filled with love and well care of his father. The teaching of his father became a guide of Jesse into his daily life. Even in a very simple way, Jesse did his best and fight for what he thinks is right. In simple word, Jesse is a man of principle and justice. Just like Jesse, a simple thing that we can do rightly can help and give a good example to everyone. We should fight for the things that we know are right and beneficial to other.

One of the pearl of wisdom from Jesse “The greatest lesson I have learned is that public servants should feel obliged to heed the people’s will always. Public servants are servant leader. Their mission is ‘to serve and not to be served’” show the life of Jesse when he is already working as a public official. Being able to serve everybody as what a leader needs to do is what Jesse is implementing on his pearl of wisdom. We learned that there are still people like him who remain ethical despite being in government service. Many people dissuaded me from entering government service, telling me that no one survives the current system of pervasive graft and corruption. Sec. Robredo showed that one need not to compromise his or her values and principles to be able to govern and deliver essential services to the people in an efficient manner. Just like what he did while he was giving his best shot a leader is what we need to do. Although not really like the example he showed, but we can do it on our own way. Showing good things to other is leading them to do their best is very helpful way of helping and leading.

Jess often preached that it is not enough for a leader to be "good". A leader must also be "competent". To him, honesty, compassion, good intentions, fear of God, etc. are well and good, but if the leader is educationally unprepared, lacks the ability to understand multi-faceted issues, and unable to devise novel solutions to complex problems, that person would be rendering a disservice to the people and would not be an effective leader. One of Jesse's most favorite catchphrases is "walang malaki o maliit sa akin, lahat pare-pareho." I believe that this honestly harmless statement is the very essence of Jesse’s management style and political philosophy. Jesse showed us the quality of life, whether wealthy or poor. Every wealthy person must not think only of themselves just like what Jesse teach us. Just like him, we must not look at each other’s face and judge them accordingly. We must look at each and everyone just like what you think of yourself. Do not set standard upon looking upon someone, be fair and make everybody your friend. Be good and competent and also be fair to everyone.

In living a life live in a legacy of someone who is good enough just like Jesse Robredo who render his life for the good of every Filipino person. It is not Jesse who can to do good things. We, everyone can do such thing as good. Make the best and do the thing you think is right. Live in a just life, show good examples and live in legacy.

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