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Essay Do's and Don'Ts

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Essay Do’s and Don’ts
These are some things that you ABSOLUTELY have to learn to be good writers. These are not meant to be the only rules, but they are really important. 1. Always label all work in the LEFT hand corner. Some professors and instructors want their headings done a specific ways, but if specific instructions are not given, it is good to include your name, the professor’s name, the class name, and the date.

2. Essays ALWAYS get a title. Center the next line after your label, and enter a title for your essay that reflects the SUBJECT you are writing about, NOT the ASSIGNMENT. Also, in MLA, titles do not get ANY special treatment; no BOLD, no UNDERLINES, no SPECIAL FONT. Title should be just the same as the text.

3. Essays should all be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font (or another simple font if allowed or specified by the instructor or professor). This means you have to change it from the default font most times. Nothing fancy, and ALWAYS DOUBLE SPACE YOUR LINES. If you do not know how to do this, learn. Pull down the format menu, and choose paragraph. In the middle of the box is a spacing box. Choose double. Or, on the tool bar above the paragraph box choose the icon with the little arrows up and down. Click on the little arrow to the right and choose double. It is that easy. You will lose points if you do not double space.

4. Essay specifics:

* Avoid beginning a sentence with a BUT. That means NO BUT OR AND to start a sentence. These are conjunctions and are not meant to stand alone at the beginning of sentences. Yes, sometimes you see people doing this in professional writing, but we are not professional writers. When you get to be practiced writers, this will become less noticed. * NEVER speak directly to your audience from your paper. Do not include little parentheticals, or cute little directives to the…...

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