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Buyer Behavior Final Exam Essays
Part 2: Short Essays (3 points)
Please answer ALL 3 essay questions below. Each essay is worth 1 point. 1. Assuming an American retailer is considering opening an electronics store. Based on the information below, would you recommend Mexico or Ireland as a more attractive foreign market? Why? Be sure to explain the benefits of each country, and then why you ultimately chose one over the other. | Power Distance | Individualism | Masculinity | Uncertainty Avoidance | Total Cultural Distance from US | USA | 40 | 91 | 62 | 46 | | Mexico | 81 | 30 | 69 | 92 | 86 | Ireland | 28 | 70 | 68 | 35 | 37 |

Based on the above information, I would recommend Ireland as a more attractive foreign market to open an electronics store. The reasons are that by analyzing the table:
Power Distance is the extent to which people accept as fact the principle of the division of authorities and priviledge among different groups within society. High power distance nations certain consumer behaviors are designated to individuals by class or status. Authority appeals in marketing are more effective. With all this in mind we see that Mexico has a higher power distance but this is not necessarily an important factor when making the market decision
Individualism – people expect each other to take responsibility for themselves and their family. High individualistic societies place high value on self-reliance, individual initiative and personal achievement which will make Ireland a more appealing marketing.
Masculinity – advertisers in a a highly masculine nation may emphasize product benefits such as one’s ability to get ahead. There is not much difference between Mexico and Ireland and this is not an important consideration as it will only differ on the way products are marketed.
Uncertainty avoidance – nations that are high in…...

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