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Monica Wynn
115B Albemarle Drive
Plymouth, NC 27962

To secure a position in which I can utilize my skills and training to pursue a career that will prove beneficial to my employer and myself.

Work Experience
Sooey’s BBQ
2009-present (seasonal)
Position: Sales Associate/Assistant to Manager
Duties: Bust tables, cook food, served ice cream, stock shelves and tables, general labor, maintain files related to inventory, file papers, closeout financial summary, opener and closer for restaurant, made the work schedule, shift leader, program menu into computer register.

Covenant Healthcare
Position: PCA
Duties: Taking personal care of client and clean the home, observe medications taken, prepare meals and shop when necessary, checked and kept record of patient glucose, also gave insulin.

Faith Works
Position: PCA
Duties: Taking personal care of client and clean the home, laundry, observe medications taken, prepare meals and shop when necessary.
Position: Paraprofessional
Duties: Observe problems with client, take notes of observation, do things to make the client feel better about themselves; involve the client with activities in the community daily. (Same client whom I was patient care aid for)

Wilco Hess
2006 (April/November)
Position: Sales Associate
Duties: Customer service, stocking, register work, NC lottery, money orders, maintain required amount of money in register by counting money hourly and making drops into safe, clean inside and outside store, closeout paperwork when closing.

Home Life Care
2001-2002, 2004-2005
Position: CNA/PCA
Duties: Taking personal care of client, laundry and clean the home, observe medication taken, cook meals and shop for client.

Education • Plymouth High School: Diploma 1997 • Elizabeth City State...

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