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The following paper is an analysis of the three texts “Why They Serve”, “A soldier’s story: War affects whole family” and “The Making of a Marine Officer”. In the paper will be discussed the different opinions and views on the military and serving the army. Why people are willing to risk their lives to serve their country and what motivates people to join the army despite the consequences and the hazardous drawbacks.

Give an outline of the various views on serving the army presented in the three texts.
There are a lot of different opinions on serving the army. People are different; have different values, norms and we all have a diverse view on our nation and on war. Some of these views and opinions are expressed in the three texts.
Sarah Palin describes her son’s deployment with the army and career as a soldier with great pride: “That day I was just one of thousands of proud but wary American women. I was the mom of a young soldier being sent overseas to defend our country.” She was proud to have a son who was eager to fight for his country. I believe she was even prouder because she was vice-presidential running mate – she was in the running to become one of the highest ranked females in America. She was very patriotic and believed in America as the greatest nation. This is shown in the text “Why they serve”: “But America isn’t just another country, it’s an exceptional country. We are the only country in the history of the world that was founded not on a particularly theory or culture or people, but on an idea.”
The Kahlors were proud of their son Ryan’s recruiting as well: “Although the Kahlors would have preferred that Ryan attend college, they were proud of his determination to serve his country.” As Sarah Palin they were proud of their son for defending his country. But they changed their minds completely the moment Ryan returned…...

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