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Indeed, Accountable Care Organization is a critical element in today’s marketplace. “Accountable care organization (ACO) or accountable care system (ACS) is an entity that can implement organized processes for improving quality and controlling the cost of care, and can also then be held accountable for these care results and the resultant costs associated with outcomes”. (Berkowitz 2017, page. 37). ACOs are constituted by a group of providers, hospitals and other healthcare organizations who voluntarily coordinate high quality of care for insured patients, Medicare and Medicaid patients. Additionally, ACOs are responsible for inpatients, outpatient, palliative care and long-term care. It seems that ACOs focused more on the delivery of a suitable care rather than the …show more content…
Unlike previous efforts under the "managed care" rubric that were mainly designed to reduce costs, a properly designed ACO would balance that need against the need to improve outcomes and improve the care experience. (DeVore & Champion 2011, page. 41). Surely, Accountable care organizations are beneficial to patients and healthcare organization because guaranteed the delivery of quality of care. Another point to discuss within the ACO is the product or the service provided by healthcare organizations so “for any business, the focus of marketing revolves around the selling of products and services”. ((Berkowitz 2017. Page.308). Certainly, tangibility or the ability to touched, exanimated and experienced the product before purchase is the primary aspect that distinguishes products from service. Furthermore, when a product enters the market is vital to classify the product by the user that buy it, therefore, a product could be identified as a consumer goods or industrial products. Clearly, the case in the

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