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Imagine being a soldier during World War I. All you hear are bombs going off in the distance, bullets being shot, and the smell of poisonous gas. In the movie “All Quiet on the Western Front,” which takes place in 1914 Germany during World War I, the protagonist, Paul Bäumer just graduated high school with his friends, who have all decided to enlist in the army after their teacher Kantorek persuaded them to join and help their country. They enlisted thinking it would only be three weeks of war, but instead it turned into three years. The boys were told that the war they were going to take place in is a life of great honor and respect. What they didn’t know was that by joining the war, they would encounter death, suffering, and despair.
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The movie was very fascinating because it shows you the soldiers’ firsthand experience in war and how it was heartbreaking and difficult. The director, Delbert Mann showed us how severe life was for everyone during World War I. Some things in the film should have been a little more persuadable such as a soldier’s death. When a soldier died, they jumped up in the air or did a flip. The acting done by Richard Thomas (Paul) and Ernest Borgnine (Stanislaus Katczinsky) could have better. In the film, the bond they shared made it seem as if it was real life because they had this relationship where they could trust each other and rely on each other for support. When Stanislaus Katczinsky got injured from the bomb, Paul Bäumer was there to help him by carrying him to safety. Paul was there to comfort him when he was slowly dying in pain by smoking a cigarette with him and telling him that he’ll be fine. To be honest, a young person would not find this movie interesting because they most likely won’t understand what’s happening. The movie is historic and is based on World War I, so unless they have knowledge on the topic they’ll be confused and

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