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Dialectical Journal-Week 2

“Apes of Wrath” by Barbara Smuts

“Quotes” | Responses |
In such “females-bonded” species, females also form alliances against aggressive males. Pg.79 | This section was surprising because I never thought of a species doing this that human do. |
“Among olive baboons, each adult female typically forms long-lasting “friendship” with a few of the many males in her troop”. Pg. 80 | I would bond with males to; it’s an easier way to get to know them better. If you hang around more males than females you’ll more in likely to learn them better. |
“A man will sometimes beat his wife if he becomes jealous or suspects her of infidelity, but when this happens, onlookers run to tell her female kin.” Pg. 81 | I’ve been in a situation like this before, my best-friend saved because my kin didn’t want to get in the middle of it as they would say. |
“In some societies a woman’s kin, including her father and brothers, consistently support her against an abusive husband, while in others they rarely help her.” Why? Pg. 81 | A father and a brother should always be there to help a woman is abusive situations. I understand some don’t want to get involved but it’s your family we’re talking about. Most fathers and brothers I know are very protective of women in their family. |
“Like nonhuman primate females, many women form bonds with unrelated males who may protect them from other males.” Pg. 81 | Me personally I have plenty of male friends that I know will protect me from an abusive male. They treat me as if I’m their blood sister |…...