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Boring is an operation used for increasing a hole which has been already made by other processes such as drilling or casting. Thus, it serves the purpose of increasing the internal diameter of cylindrical objects. It is done by means of a single-point cutting tool called boring bar. The boring operation can be done by either rotating the boring bar with the workpiece held stationary or otherwise keeping the boring bar positioned on the tool post of turning machine and moving it towards rotating workpiece which is held by a chuck. Boring is used to achieve different aspects for a workpiece .Firstly, it helps to give appropriate size and finish for the workpiece. Boring can be used to straighten a hole which was originally drilled, …show more content…
For small work pieces boring operation can be carried out on a lathe. But for larger workpieces, boring mills are used. Several design considerations are present in the boring processes as it occurs to decrease product tolerances permanently small length to bore diameter ratios are preferred since large overhang can be cause cutting tools deflection .Also deep hole boring is very difficult .So, through holes are preferred over blind holes. Boring operation first saw application in making canon ,producing barrels of guns and artillery and now days they have several industrial application like finishing operating in cylinder lining of automobiles and …show more content…
Using of anisotropic bars with a specific orientation of stiffness axis relative to the cutting forces, result in a significance increase in dynamic stability. Another technique involves making solid bars with materials having high youngs modulus or high damping materials. Typical examples include sintered tungsten carbide and sintered tungsten carbide alloyed with copper and nickel. These materials are expensive but give stable machining for l/ratios up to

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