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Essay On Challenges Of Women Entrepreneurs

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3.0 Challenges: Previously faced and presently being faced
3.1 Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneur
1. The chief deterrent to women entrepreneurs is being women. A kind of patriarchal, that is, a male dominated social order is and will be a building block to women in their way towards business success.
2. Male dominated society and members think it is a risky financing the projects, businesses or enterprises run by women.
3. Financial institutions are unconvinced and cynical about women entrepreneurial abilities. The bankers consider women as more riskier than men.
4. Women entrepreneurs suffer from insufficient financial resources and/or working capital, as they lack access to obtain external funds due to their inability in providing tangible or collateral security. Few of the women have this kind of tangible …show more content…
In today’s world, awareness created through media and also parents wanting best for their children irrespective of baby girl or a boy is helping in the increased numbers of women entrepreneurs. o Even then there is a segment that is still conservative where getting their girl child educated is acceptable but sending them to work or help them open up a business is not encouraged. Getting them married off to settle her future is kind of an hindrance to a girl whereby it blocks the moving in life forward courage as this becomes priority over other things in her life.
 The funding for business usually is a problem as parents are ready to spend amount for daughter’s wedding, even ready to pay dowry but do not encourage or part with money to help her out to settle in business.
 In today’s world woman are getting educated professionally in the fields of engineer, doctor, scientists, aeronautics, lawyer etc. and are proving themselves that they can earn an income on par with her male

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