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The researcher emphasis is on the children’s literature as literature, rather than creating a book of instructional exercises or teaching aids. The best tools any teacher can have for presenting literature to students are a love of books, a sense of the beauty of language, and a joy in the magic of story. Only then the literature can be shared effectively with children.
The Context for Children Literature
i. History of Children’s Literature ii. The Study of Childhood iii. The Study of Literature iv. Picture Storybook
v. Fantasy In researcher courses, the emphasis on the primary works-the picture books, folktales, poetry, fantasies, realistic novels, and information books. The text is intended as a supplement, to provide background about the
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Our ancestor told stories to entertain, to comfort each other, to instruct the young in the lessons of living, to pass on their religious and cultural heritage. Storytelling is an integral part of every world culture. In early times, people did not distinguish between adult and children’s literature. Children heard and presumably, enjoyed the same stories as their parents, whether they were the adventurous tales of gods and demons and magic spells and talking animals-as are found throughout the world. According to Russell (2004), Western civilization has its roots in the culture of ancient Greece and Rome, which flourished between about 500 BCE and 400 CE, now known as the Classical period. Greece in the fifth century BCE is in many ways the birthplace of Western culture and so that is where our story begins. In this cradle of democracy and individualism, children grew up with the stories of Trojan War (from Homer’s Iliad) and the travel Odysseus (from Homer’s Odyssey) and the stories of Jason and the Golden Fleece and the adventures of Hercules. They also knew of the now-famous fables attributed to the slave Aesop, believed to be a teacher, writing to instruct his students in cultural and personal

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