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Essay On Corruption In Business

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Corruption of Business

The unethical, disgusting and unequal practices of what resides behind the rotting garment for the business culture that faces a challenge in the modern generation for men and woman.
Business is corrupted by money, sexual harassment, and no justification. Money has corrupted business in ways that they try to deceive the certain types of officials ones that have not been corrupted. High forms of corrupted government get more expensive, lavish resources and accessibility in Afghanistan and other countries (thieves of state pg.44). Sarah Chayes a researcher puts or tries to put anti-corruption in Afghanistan to try to help the country but then disagreements with people and national people of that country start to pop up,
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Women who put effort in to their work are mostly let down by some vulgar boss or anyone that does not provide anything related to the subject at hand. The worst part is if she does defeat the harasser or harassers in the court she can gets bullied by the workers in her job that do did like the person you won against. Women get so use to this because they see it all the time, they are discouraged and depressed from this. This type of corruption is has kept been repeating in cycles because of the media, etc. Other un justifications are different types of race and color are punished differently and do not have the same equal standards. Cops shooting or basically anyone can shoot the race that they dislike for reasons. The justice system can change the emotions of the community. People will go and can go to full lengths to stop for anything for racism, sexism, harassment, etc. Since so many voices from big celebrities are being heard, surprisingly one accusation and statements that this one typical category (harassment for now) is false it would shut down everything like the corruptionist blowing sand from their hands. Since that is a fail the only thing that CAN MAYBE help you is social media. This whole problem has been driven by power, for dominance. Men (Certain types) mostly do not care what they say to a lady. But different factors can play if a women does not like a certain type of person she thinks that

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