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Some studies focus on an individual’s perceptions of violence in society, others deal with perceived personal risk and some deal with the degree of fear of being victimized. This results in many cultivation analysis of fear often not discussing the same things at all. From a cultivation perspective, television is likely to educate people about social lessons and what the world is like, but not necessarily effect ones perceptions of their own personal reality, where many influences and everyday non-mediated influences may play a stronger role.
Shrum has documented and extended the dominant understanding of cultivations cognitive mechanism which is the heuristic reception and processing of messages which makes heavy viewers of television inclined to depend on messages to form their own ideas of the world. Mental shortcuts used while processing television messages are likely to make heavy viewers depend on those messages while forming judgements about the world, based on frequency, distinctness and how recent the
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There are numerous explains why the environmental cultivation effect exists. According to Louv (2005), the first concept is that the more time individuals spend watching television, the less time they spend in nature. The second concept that Shanahan and McComas (1999) describe is when a type of person or a particular issue is not presented on television. Cultivation research has demonstrated that fictional television shows very little environmental programming and as a result heavy viewers would not receive content that would inform them about the environment or encourage them to protect the environment. (McComas, Shanahan and Butler, 2001). The third concept outlined by Good (2007) was that heavy viewers of television are more materialistic than lighter viewers and materialism seems incompatible with caring for the

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