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Imagine if the elderly men and women wanted to read or write and couldn't. Just think how elderly men and women would feel. They would be struggling to understand what they are interested in. I see that the problem in my program is that some of them are not going to going to go through it and quit. The problem with illiterate elders is that if some of the elders have Alzheimer’s. Which gradually gets worse over time? It affects memory, thinking, and behavior. Sometimes the problem is not health literacy, but the ability to read or write at all. It is possible that if you think about it some people are illiterate, but many find ingenious ways of compensating and take great pains to hide the problem. Reading is a major challenge for elderly …show more content…
Many people predict that efforts to boost health literacy may benefit even the minority who are proficient. "People worry about dumbing things down but, no one has ever complained that things were too simple. Everybody wants clear communication." To understand the reality experienced by illiterate elderly men and women, we have to set aside our prejudices and stereotypes. That is not always easy, since in society the word “illiterate” has pejorative, negative connotations. It implies that these individuals are less “good” than people who know how to read and write. The dearth of information on this topic contributes substantially to reinforcing this perception. Our awareness and information mandate is aimed primarily at taking the mystery out of the problem, raising people’s awareness and changing mindsets concerning illiteracy. Also they could sign something off that is important. But my Baboolall Literacy program will help them. My program will last six to nine weeks which will feel better with something to do on the off time. My program is different from everyone else because mines gives them support them and is there after hours. My program helps men and women to become educated or more educate readers and writers. It will eliminate the number of illiterate elderly men and women that want to learn how to read and

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