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Enron Company
James Miles
September 28, 2014


Based on the findings from milestone one, it is clear that Enron Company experienced an accounting fraud resulting in a spectacular bankruptcy. This was brought about by the accounting fraud made by the accounting firm. An accountant may face accounting dilemma of reporting any accounting violation to the financial accounting body of a company. It is an ethical duty for an accountant to report any such violations but also the dilemma arises on whether to report any uncertain mistake in the accounts. In the case of Enron Company the mistake was done by the accounting firm and the involved CEO was Jeff Skilling. According to legal and ethical issues of accounting fraud, government review of company financial records caused by an accounting scandal could cause the company’s rapid decline and can also lead to the layoff of thousands of employees and we can see from the Enron Company that it dropped its shares from $90 to $0.50 which brought loss to employees and a big financial loss to the investors who had saved their money in the Enron Company.

From the legal ethical issues, executives and other corporate officers can also face criminal prosecution, leading to heavy fines and prison time as seen from the case where the scandal resulted in penalty of CEO Jeff Skilling. Jeff Skilling was sent to prison for 24 years for engaging in accounting fraud for the financial collapse of the company. Arthur was not charged on accounting fraud but found guilty for fudging Enron’s account and to loss of shareholders. This results to loss of shares from the investors of the business.

Accounting fraud of Enron Company may have been brought by an officer in charge asking an accountant to omit or leave out a certain accounting figure from a balance sheet that may paint a business bad image to the public investors...

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