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Abstract: In this paper we have analyzed the behavior of eye movement for prevention of vehicle’s accidental situation in motor driving. We are analyzing eye blinks in normal and in driving conditions. One of the biggest problems in India and the world are road accidents. Driver’s non alertness is a prime cause for most accidents related to automobiles crashes. Accidents caused in dozed state are more severe, because of very high speeds involved and hence the driver fails to take any protective action just before collision. The state of drowsiness can be very easily detected by watching driver’s eyes. In this paper we are considering blinks of eyes. Blinks may be voluntary or involuntary. Both voluntary and involuntary blinks are taken under consideration. As the vigilance level of driver changes number of blinks also changes. The number of blinks in normal and in driving situations is the basis for judging whether driver is drowsy or not. Keywords: template, frames, blinks, testing, automatically, Human Computer Interface, drowsiness.

Most of the drivers do not follow the ideal conditions of driving. Those drivers who follow the ideal
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The camera takes the picture of whole face. Template of eyes is generated. The template gives us blinking rate of the driver’s eyes. The blinking rate of driver in driving situations is matched with driver’s blinking rate in normal conditions. While matching the blinks of eyes, the parameter defined by us helps the software to recognize the drowsiness. If the driver is found drowsy then the alarming system is activated. The alarming system has alarm and a vibrating mechanism attached on seats. The vibrating mechanism is very useful in those situations when driving is done in noisy area hence alarm fails but vibrating mechanism keeps driver active. If the system finds the driver in active state then it continues to check the eyes

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