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Gender equality is a dream for millions of Americans, yet many do not know the depths of this movement that makes reality clearer. Articles like “The End of Men” will obscure the public’s opinion because of how it presents women receiving college degrees and PhDs in numbers significantly higher than men. Yet due to the various articles I have read in class I do not believe that the United States will be able to achieve gender equality in twenty to thirty years. Women’s representation in higher positions is so low that it is very difficult to pass laws and change social ideas. There are also too many obvious prejudices that have not yet been fixed even due to decades of protesting, like the Civil Rights Movement.
The Civil Rights Movement took
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The article “Why We Need to Reimagine Masculinity” perfectly summarizes the problem. The idea that men need to be powerful and emotionless goes hand and hand with the concept that women have to be weak and quiet. The beginning of the problem is the workplace and its connection to home life. Men often are the ones that go to work while the women stay at home. The expectations for women to stay at home takes them away from getting higher in the workplace because they will take smaller positions to be with their children. There is also an expectation for men to stay at work, because if they don’t they will be viewed as …show more content…
Issues like abortion rights and paid parental leave are harder to pass without women in the front of leadership. Most men do not realize these problems as serious conflicts which gives issues less focus. How can their be change without people of minority in positions of authority? It is impossible to understand the problems of prejudices without being someone who has experienced it. In a handout we were given, it stated that it will take until 2085 for a women to reach equality with men in leadership roles in our country. If it takes that long for a minority to reach equal power, than it will not be possible for complete equality until this

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