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Gun Control
Gun control is a set of laws that regulate the sell, manufacturing, and possession of firearms by civilians. Most countries have very strict and restrictive laws regarding firearms. In fact, only 3 countries in the world give citizens the constitutional right to bear arms. Those being the U.S., Mexico, and Guatemala, but in Mexico and Guatemala the government makes it extremely hard to obtain a weapon legally. Depending on who you ask America has a serious gun control problem.
But I don’t believe the U.S. has a serious gun problem. Guns don’t kill people, people do, and if they don’t have a gun they’ll just go find something else. “Those who are willing to break the laws against murder do not care about the regulation of firearms,
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There was a mass shooting at a largely populated high school in Florida where 17 students were killed, and 17 others injured. This sparked a large gun control debate and every time there is a mass shooting there is a call for stricter gun control, but it never happens. Stricter gun control laws have been introduced in congress but are routinely strike down. Because of the NRA, “The reason that the United States cannot seem to do anything about guns is simply that the NRA and the vocal minority of the nation’s gun owners mobilize to vote on the issue, while the large majority that favors gun safety laws does not….Gun control will pass precisely when legislators become more afraid of the votes of gun control supporters than they are of gun control opponents.” (Gun Control's Biggest Problem: Most People Just Dont Care Very Much, 2015) One would think a country that has over 270 million guns in civilian rotation there would be a lot more mass shootings, violent crime, and gun homicide. The United States has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world — by far. And it has the highest rate of homicides among advanced countries. And yet, gun crime has been declining in the U.S. Firearm murders are down, as is overall gun violence — even as gun ownership increases. (Gun Rhetoric vs. Gun Facts,

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