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What causes high blood pressure during pregnancy? causes Icon
According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), there are several possible causes of high blood pressure during pregnancy. These included:

being overweight or obese failing to remain active smoking To drink alcohol first time to pregnancy a family history of kidney disease, preeclampsia, chronic hypertension or carrying more than one child age (over 40) assistive technology (such as IVF) unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to high blood pressure during pregnancy. Being overweight or obese, or failing to remain active, are the main risk factors for high blood pressure.

Women who experience early pregnancy are also more likely to have high blood pressure. Fortunately,
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Part 7 of 8: Stress Management
Managing stress during pregnancy
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Pregnancy can cause hormonal changes, as well as psychological and physical changes. This can cause stress in a pregnant woman. Stress may make the issue of high blood pressure more difficult to manage. However, when pregnant women to find ways to manage their stress levels, blood pressure is less of a problem.

Prenatal yoga can be a great tool for managing stress during pregnancy. If yoga poses are too uncomfortable, simply listening to relaxing music while taking time to meditate is useful for the body and mind.

High impact or extended aerobic exercise is generally not recommended during pregnancy, especially if your body is not used to this. However, taking walks is a great way to relieve stress and stay active.

There are a variety of herbal remedies and supplements that promise to relieve stress. As with any supplement, be very careful and consult your doctor before consuming these products. If your doctor gives you the OK, decaffeinated tea may be an option to relieve stress. Oolong, ginger and blueberry can provide antioxidants to help you de-stress. Although it is difficult, getting enough sleep during pregnancy is essential, therefore aim for six to eight hours a

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