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Essay On How Scout Mature In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird is narrated by Scout Finch, the main character of this novel. She tells her experiences as a child a few years after they occur. Scout is a young girl and typically acts as a tomboy. Even at a young age, her father taught her to read, this making her smarter than the majority of the children her age. She doesn't act like the other girls her age either. This is because her father, Atticus, raises her in a certain way. Throughout the novel, Scout matures as she grows up. This is demonstrated by the different ways she acts as she ages. Jem
Jem is Scout's older brother so he is raised the same way as Scout. How he matures throughout the years is also proven within the novel. He goes through puberty, this causes his
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He is a lawyer and takes the case of Tom Robinson. He is quite different from the other citizens of Maycomb. He beleives in racial equality. Also, he is not concerned of what others think of him. Due to this, he raises his children a certain way. He allows his children to act however they like, since all he wants is for them to have good personalities. Therefore, Atticus doesn't comform to society in many ways. This is also demonstrated by the way he defends Tom Robinson. He addresses the stigma against black people in the 1930s, though the issues addressed are still relevant today. Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson is accused of raping Mayella Ewell, a teenage girl who asked him to help her with chores multiple times. The case is made by Mayella and her father, who say Tom took advantage of her and beat her. Tom's case is a perfect demonstration of the descrimination against coloured people in the 1930s. Maycomb's citizens are convinced he is guilty, no matter what he or Atticus say. This is due to the stereotype that all black men only have immoral intents, and will use violence to carry them out. Tom's case teaches Jem and Scout about the racial discrimination in their

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