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Essay On Jumper's Knee

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Jumper's Knee
As the basketball player leaps into the air and slams the ball through the hoop he falls and land on the ground, he tries to get up but it is hopeless he has been diagnosed with jumper's knee. Jumper's knee is important to avoid and learn about. Especially if you are athletic and or using your legs to lift or running and jumping. Jumper's knee is a serious condition and should not be taken serious. Jumper’s knee happens in the knee which happens when jumping and running,this essay will focus on symptoms, treatment, and overall causes of jumper's knee. The causes of Jumper’s knee talked about in this essay are internal, and external causes, also improper footwear. But the one that will be talked about first is improper foot. Having bad footwear can affect balance and
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Of this category are training errors, and surface used for activity. Some training errors are over training, or training to long, to hard , and to far, also advancing training schedule forward to quick.some cases of jumpers knee have been affected by the surface the activity was played on. When running it is best to run on a track like at a highschool or college.When playing a sport like basketball it is best to play on a surface that is meant for basketball(most likely wood or gym floor) not cement.(huston,Causes part).
Some symptoms of patellar tendonitis can vary depending on the condition, but usually pain in the kneecap, worsens when pressure is used, and interference in physical activities. First and most common sign of jumper’s knee is pain right below the kneecap where the patellar tendon is located. This pain can affect walking and other physical activities, when this pain occurs the best thing to do is to go see a doctor and if in any sport tell your coach that you cannot practice. Swellness will also occur on the knee and by the knee.icing the knee is also a good idea to reduce swellness(houston, symptoms

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