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Essay on Key Topic on Organizational Behavior

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Essay on Key Topic on Organizational Behavior

MBA 545 People and Systemructor Essay on Key Topic on Organizational Behavior November 11, 2010 The topic I am going to analyze in my Essay on Key Topic on Organizational Behavior assignment is Leadership. Starting with its definition, leadership is the organization of a group of people, so as to achieve a number of specific goals that the group and mostly the leader set. More specifically, a leader is considered to be somebody, who creates and communicates a vision, provides his “followers” with guidance and motivation, in order to achieve certain targets, influences others through his use of power, establishes and maintains group culture, clarifies roles and empowers the members of his group, and of course, has the ability to make tough decisions with limited information.

Being a leader is totally different comparing to being a manager of a group of people. Being a leader, as already mentioned, means giving motivation, influencing and changing the behavior of people, when necessary, inspiring and creating a vision for the group of people that he manages, putting his people first, as well as acting decisively. On the other hand, being a manager means executing plans; manage resources and materials, understanding what responsibility and authority means, putting customers first. A manager has a more “practical” meaning, comparing to a leader, whose responsibility is much “heavier” in meaning. In order a leader to be…...

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