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Language Discussion Psychologists refer language to as an activity that helps people communicate and express thoughts (Sternberg, et al, 370). On the other hand, linguistics focus on the formal approach of language in a system which may be even irrelevant. Psycholinguistics refers language to a system of communication which is either written or spoken that uses words or signs to passing information across a particular community (Bailey 54). Users of a particular language culture with the use of symbols with meanings to share information. According to Hockett all languages used by human beings have common features called linguistic universals. Human beings and animals communicate differently; human language contains 13 features of linguistic …show more content…
This is because language is means of sharing symbols socially in a system. Languages affect our minds because it what suit the thinking of human beings. Mediated cognition such as the application of mental imagery to absent objects is possible without the use of language. For instance, monkeys and chimpanzees make decisions and plan for their near future using episodic memory. Imaginations and sensations in a human’s mind in some cases may be difficult to explain in words. For example, a person can smell, shape or think about a sound without using language (Bailey …show more content…
Considering behavior, a child's upcoming culture and background affect how the child speak. The way a person speaks may also be determined by inherited factors. For example Chinese and Japanese ascents are different. Language enables a parent and a child to communicate. It is frustrating for a parent not to understand when a child is communicating. Language development supports and is interdependent with child's mental development. A large vocabulary and learning more than one language makes a child creative. Children exposed to a friendly environment have a higher ability to acquire language at the toddler's age and this makes them ready for

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