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Male prostitution can be defined as the act or practice of men providing sexual services to other men in return for payment. Boys prostitution involves Boys who provides sex for cash often to older men who are well educated, successful and outwardly heterosexual and conservative who are not able to express their desire publicly [Rent, Kearins]. Over 75% older men who patronize boys prostitutes are married and kept their visits to the boys prostitute as secret [Rent; Kearins]. Many young men working as prostitute consider themselves heterosexual and not homosexual or bisexual. Ironically these boys like their clients they service perform homosexual acts but would never identify themselves as gay.
Popular accounts indicate that coercion and trickery are typical paths to initial involvement of boys in male prostitution. Here, an older and successful man uses force or deception to compel or lure an innocent, often troubled boy into prostitution in exchange for money or favour (Lindecker,
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In light of this, this research is aimed at investigating the effect of male prostitution on national development and national security in Ghana
General objectives
• The general objective of this research is to examine the effects and impact of boys prostitution on national security of Ghana. Specific objectives
• Causes of male prostitution in Cape Coast
• Impact of male prostitution on boys involved
• To find out measures to curb male prostitution in Ghana
• What is the level of awareness of male prostitution in Ghana
• What are the causes of male prostitution in cape coast
• What are the effects and impact of male prostitution on national development and national security
• What measures are needed to curb male prostitution in Ghana?


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