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The family medical and paid leave is offered in Europe and the United States. many people and business have to qualified for such labor and job protection on their job. this is for the family health paid and unpaid leave. this lead to investment and wages gap. europe and United State that that share a relationship of paid and family lead. Maternity and paternity lead is very important in both countries. the pay is up to the employer. Maternity can be bad for women in the United States. Especially if they are on the unpaid list. in both states, they required the best offered.
The new father has been giving to received paternity leave because of their great skills in another country across the sea. such as Germany does not offer it. when the
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they are given a chance to care for their children about eighteen weeks but in the U.S. the policy and the constitution speak differently about the rights for maternity and paternity paid leave. when it comes to the U.S.A. Europe has the best benefit. even the dad get fourteen weeks off or more to help care for the family and the farther in the United States does not get maternity or paternity leave. europe and united stated need both maternity and paternity leave from them jobs. especially if the family is on a low rate fix income. the government should provide the right to help both parents because sometimes parents wine up losing pay or leaving the job because of the income they make. if the parents do have paid lead. it may don't be enough to take off due to the difficult situation.
Most Europe people are stress-free. they are rewarded great benefit of the skills, low term being on the job. help them to get better benefits. the government of labor forces helps with making sure Europe families are taking care up. in 1970 the law was passed that both parents can take paid leave off. to care for their newborn child. even with family medical leave. still, less time is giving the child and the mother because not enough pay is given to the

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