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Mobile technology devices are well known as expensive devices amongst parents but fortunately the price becomes cheaper with the very fast technological development. Various types of tablet emerging market such as iPad, Galaxy, and many more from different suppliers and these tablets are growing every day in the market. The development of mobile technology has been attracted children attention to explore the affordances of this technology in different aspects of their life. Therefore, kids’ interactions with tablet are increasingly popular and have a place in the hearts of them. With this development, Palestinian children have access to the world of the Internet and spend a significant amount of time exploring websites and applications by using mobile technology. More and more schools in Palestine are now including one-to-one technology initiatives and Internet as part of their educational system. One-to-one technology refers to one computer/mobile technology for every student (Zucker & Light, 2009). There is a lack of mobile devices applications in Arabic language. However, the purpose of the Arabic applications is to educate and entertain these children and are still in …show more content…
An experience is a chunk of time, an episode that one went through-with feelings and thoughts, sights and sounds, motives and actions; they are closely knitted together, stored in memory, relived, labelled, and communicated to others (Glanznig, 2012). Generally speaking, an experience is a story emerging from the dialogue of a person with her or his world through action. User experience can be viewed in different ways as detailed satisfaction of usability (Bevan, 2009). UX can be seen as an umbrella-term that covers all perceptions and responses - regardless of being subjectively or objectively measured - of a user (ISO,

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