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What are two things I learned (skills, knowledge, or awareness) of this course that will help me in my future classroom? Elaborate fully. From this course, I feel as if I have learned a variety of different things that have assisted me with becoming a better educator. A couple of these items include being more informed and knowledgeable about how to properly complete a meaningful lesson plan. A meaningful lesson plan includes information for the students to not only learn from but also to have students do hands-on lessons that extend lessons. I also took this course the importance of knowledge of what is going on today, meaning world news and what students grasp from being taught social studies properly.
3. What was my biggest challenge/roadblock/difficulty in this course? Explain.
My biggest challenge that I faced during this course was learning how to break down the information that I was being provided. When speaking of information, I mean direction and steps of the course to complete assignments. One assignment that I found to be challenging was the mid-term assignment because it consisted of group work and I’m not extremely familiar with group assignments. The task I found to be difficult was creating a meeting time that coincided with everyone’s busy schedules to discuss whom would be
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However, I would say that overall my greatest traits would be my firmness and caring heart, which are two factors that every educator should have. For example, me being firm will allow me to lead my class with great leadership skills and have wonderful classroom management. Having great classroom management will assist me with having a great foundation for my student’s education. Being a caring individual will allow me to see each student individually and get to know them on a more personal level so that they know I truly care not only about their education but them as an

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