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Ozone depletion is a man made phenomena which industries release CFC (chlorofluorocarbons), rising up to the upper atmosphere exposing to high energy UV radiation from the Sun. Even though that CFC has low reactivity, flammability and toxicity, it remains inert in the troposphere as they disseminate among the stratosphere whereas the UV rays strikes the CFCs molecules and releases chlorine. The chemical reacts with ozone (O3/oxygen), a natural combination of O2 (oxygen) molecules and free oxygen atoms (O1) splitted by O2, by striking an ozone (O3) it leaves chlorine monoxide and an oxygen molecule, resulting in a loss of oxygen.

This situation brings unfavorable results and consequences on living beings. It may cause human skin cancer and cataracts, affecting a plant’s formation, developmental process and nutrients absorbing; also implicating on their predators. Like plants, it is also a threat to the growth of marine and water ecosystems, and it affects the natural balance of gases, which, considered as biogeochemical cycles. The ozone layer can only be recovered by its own as we prevent releasing chlorine, such as replacing chlorofluorocarbon with chemicals with alike properties. This
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Theoretically, if the natural production and its depletion can be balanced it would not cause trouble, which unfortunately, might be an impossible objective. Ozone is produced by the sun from immense energy, twice the energy used in America, a natural gas that can only be replenished on its own by time. In reality, the only way to stop destroying the ozone is by removing the excess chlorine out of the stratosphere, replacing alternatives with similar properties as CFC such as hydrocarbons with low reactivity and don’t produce free radical while exposed to the UV light, or fluorocarbons that can withstand the UV

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