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Bringing a new baby into the world is a life changing experience. The lives of both parents are changing tremendously as they begin to learn to raise an infant by trial and error. Now imagine being two gay dads who have just adopted a beautiful child, but have to return to work and are not allowed to spend any time with them. Now imagine being the adopted child and coming into a new home and not getting a chance to even be with their new parents, it would be terrifying. Having a baby can be exciting and scary, so if the responsibilities are shared among the parents and they spend more time with the infant or adopted child, both will see that they have less duties to take on. Because fathers and their adolescents will share a better relationship, the entire family will benefit intellectually and psychologically, and each spouse will have a better martial relationship with one another, more fathers should take a paid paternity leave.
The history of Paternity leave in America is not long, but as for other countries they
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Children are directly affected positively when a father takes a leave. Fathers who are more involved with the infant will create more of an attachment with them and they will be able to handle new situations better, be able to adapt in stressful situations, and will be more curious and wanting to explore relationships with others (Allen & Daly, 2002). A study according to four OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries, including the United States, found evidence suggesting longer paternity leaves and the increased time fathers spent caring for their young children is associated with higher cognitive test scores for them” (Paternity Leave). The father’s involvement with the child will increase the child’s thought process and will increase their learning

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