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Before discuss about why research is important in the real life, the firs one I can explain the meaning of the research first. According to Fellin on 1996 research is a systematic way for the purpose to improving, modifying and develop knowledge that can be delivered and tested by other researchers, that is the explanation research by Fellin. Beside that there are also explanation research according to Soerjono Suekanto, he said research is a scientific activity that is based on the analysis and construction is done in a systematic, methodological and consistent and aims to reveal the truth as one of the manifestations of the human desire to know what is at hand. From both of the research explanation above, I conclude that the meaning of the …show more content…
1. Communication
Mulyana (2005:5-30) categorizes the functions of communication into four, such as: as social communication, as expressive communication, as a ritual communication, as an instrumental communication. Communication is very important in human life. If somewhere there are two people or more, it can be sure they will do the communication.

2. Persuasive Communication Technique
According to Riko (2008) persuasive communication technique are divided into five parts, such as:
a. Rationalization
Rationalization in the context of the use of persuasion is a process to provide a reasonable justification for a problem even if the basis or reason was not the direct cause of the problem.
b. Identification
The packaging of persuasive writing must be confirm to the target.
c. Suggestion
Suggestion is an attempt to persuade or influence others to accept a particular belief or stance without giving a logical basis of trust in people who want to be influenced. In everyday, the suggestion is usually done with a series of words and tones of voice are attractive and

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