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There has been a great increase in the amount of threats and school shootings in the United States. Many people think to themselves, “This would never happen to me or in my area.” I used to think this way until the day my school received a threat that a teenager was planning to shoot up the school. The entire school was in a frenzy. Students leaving school, an increase in the number of police officers at the school, and having that thought that whispers in your ear, “Will this be my last day on Earth? Will I ever get to see my family and friends again?” These were some of the thoughts that ran through my mind when I heard about the threat. People never truly realize how scary and real something is until it happens to them. In the first article, “No, there haven’t been 18 school shootings in …show more content…
That number is flat wrong,” states that the website, Everytown, has not classified all of the school shootings correctly. It states that some of the events that Everytown classified as a school shooting should not have been classified as a school shooting because these shootings happened after school hours when no one was present. I agree with the article because if no people are present, minus the shooter, then it is not a school shooting. It may have happened on school grounds; however, they happened after school hours and no people were present to be injured. An example of this is, “ A week later, as a basketball game was being played at a Michigan high school, someone fired several rounds from a gun in the parking lot. No one was injured, and it was past 8 p.m., well after classes had ended for the day, but Everytown still labeled it a school shooting” (Page 2). This should not have been classified as a school shooting because it was in the parking lot not in the basketball game. A second example of Everytown

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