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The hazardous nature of soft power suggests that it may take several attempts for that ritual ceremony to produce outcomes: if more and more people attend the ceremony because they are convinced that it works, then they are genuinely attracted to it, which allows soft power to affect the audience. Soft power takes thus longer time to show results than hard power. Furthermore, preferences may change. This year’s new trend might be short skirts, but next year’s might be long skirts, and the next only pants. As a result, more women may wear short skirts the first year, then long skirts, then pants. It would be then difficult to observe whether women actually are attracted to short skirts or not. Similarly, since soft power is based on preferences, policy makers must be aware of what seduces people. Attraction is the main characteristic of soft power. Either through culture, values or polices –or all –, soft …show more content…
It can be generated by individuals, companies, organizations or other parts of human society. Pop idols can be a source of soft power, the film industry can be a source of soft power, a foundation helping animals can be a source of soft power, even an object can be a source of soft power. The “pool of culture, ideas and norms” (Vyas, 2013, p. 43) becomes infinite provided it leads to attraction and cooperation.
Admired individuals usually become powerful within society and may end up playing an important role in politics or international issues. They may stand for the interest of a wider audience or of a powerful elite, creating thus influence on others by means other than coercion. As Gallarotti (2011) says, “democratic culture naturally drives national leaders towards the liberal principles manifest in the cannons of soft power” (p.35). That is how individuals may represent political values, either within or outside their

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