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The Pantheon, located in Rome, Italy, was completed during the ancient Roman period (in about A.D 128). It has an eye catching design that would get the attention of whoever walked into it. The domed ceiling stretches 142 feet (43 meters) across, the largest dome anyone had ever built. The dome is not supported by beams or columns holding it up in the middle.
The pantheon, built by the emperor Hadrian, was symbolically important. It was designed as a temple for all the roman gods. Nearly perfect in its shape, the vast dome represented the heavens which were seen by Romans as an enormous sphere. (The Pantheon, Lesley A. Dutemple. 2003).

The building was designed into three parts. The first, the rotunda , which is the main portion of the building, is an
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The lyre was his symbol and he was a son of Zeus. (Bergin, date).

The most popular wise oracle priestess was in the temple of Apollo, after chewing bay leaves she fell into an ecstasy then talked in a strange way in answer to a pilgrim’s question. (An Ancient Greek temple, John Malam Mark Bergin). The Apollo temple was firstly built the 7th c.B.C by two architetcs: Agamedes and. The temple was rebuilt in the 6th c.B.C after a devastating fire happened, the temple was built again and renamed as “The Temple of Alcmeonidae”. Later, in 373 B.C the temple was once again destroyed, this time by an earthquake and was rebuilt for the third time in 330 B.C.. (The complete history of ancient Greece, Don Nardo)

The Temple of Apollo was considered as one of the massive buildings in the Ancient Greek period, it was raised on a high platform of steps that measured almost “120x56 yards ≈ 110x51 Meters”. This temple used Ionic columns and were about 66 feet tall, 10 of the were at the façade and 21 on the flank in a double colonnade, the rest of them stood in the porch with varied sculptured bases. (The complete history of ancient Greece, Don

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