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Ulrich Zwingli was a Catholic priest that questioned humanism and Catholicism since they have been abusing power and being tempted by money. As Ulrich Zwingli lost his brother when the plague hit and that drove him deeper into the spiritual side of life which is why he started teaching people about his Religion. Ulrich Zwingli questioned some of the Catholic ways and how they abused their power. As he was a very trusted and well known Catholic priest he was able to lead some people away from the Catholic example. Ulrich Zwingli made a different church that started a revolution to break away to his church and make a better way to praise god.Ulrich Zwingli was a good and trusted man that helped make a way to break away from a corrupted Catholic church that want to earn money and power. …show more content…
. As Ulrich Zwingli spread his work and religion people questioned it, denied it, and disagreed with his work he did not have an easy road. Ulrich Zwingli did have a few arguments about how to interpret The Bible with the well known Martin Luther about a couple of things, but they both saw the corruption in the catholic church and had very few differences between their point of view on The Bible.His religion was not very different his religion still had The Bible and some other things, but he does not have the cruelty and abuse of power that the Catholic Church has As Ulrich Zwingli was arguing about the doctrines with biblical terms and with some different legal systems he was able to at least leave an imprint of being able to change your view on The Bible which helped allow new religions.As Ulrich Zwingli helped change how people interpret The Bible and help us get the right to we are able to think in different point of view of the what The Bible

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