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Water Conservation involves more than reducing its uses or using it wisely. Moreover, it is based on generating an innovative and ingenious procedures or methods when the resource it’s been obtained or it’s been used. Water Conservation comprehends policies and strategies that administrate water as a sustainable resource and foreshadows its future demand. Water uses can be segregated into two functions: system users (residential users, industries, and farmers) and system operators (municipalities, state and local governments, and private owned companies/organizations). If the researchers control the amount of water usage in a pipe system through an electronic monitor, then numerical costs and savings will be seen in the final report because the report will state the amount needed and wasted in its usage, creating awareness to the consumer.

Society negligent use of water has led to unfavorable financial and environmental outcome. Therefore, the researches will design and build an electronic water usage monitor that will be able to track the amount of water used in a household or in an industry. Knowing when, where and how you’re using it, will provide an analysis of how water efficiency, in its uses, can be improved. The researches will build their model based on industrial engineering and environmental
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It affects health by forcing people to drink low quality water from contaminated streams and by interrupting sewage flow, increasing the probability of viral diseases. It affects hunger because water is the main components in crop production. Less water means less farming and agriculture, which leads to less food. It’s hard to relate water to education, but for many people in the world water is over 100 miles away, forcing young kids to walk to the water source and depriving time to receive

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